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The ''Unknown'' Reality, Vol. 1: A Seth Book. Seth, Jane Roberts

The ''Unknown'' Reality, Vol. 1: A Seth Book

ISBN: 1878424254,9781878424259 | 304 pages | 8 Mb

Download The ''Unknown'' Reality, Vol. 1: A Seth Book

The ''Unknown'' Reality, Vol. 1: A Seth Book Seth, Jane Roberts
Publisher: Amber-Allen Publishing

I have found an interest again and am starting The Unknown Reality, Vol.1. Spalding The Tao of Healing ~Haven Trevino. The Hidden Gospel: Decoding the 1.) “The Secret” book and DVD (led me to PI forum). That led me to refer to one of my most valued sources of information concerning the deeper rhythms of life the Seth series of book, and in regards to this topic, The Unknown Reality: Vol. 2.) “Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul” by Jane Roberts (led me to the rest of Seth's material: “The Nature of Personal Reality” . €�The Nature of the Psyche — Its Human Expression” . Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East Vol 1-5 ~ Baird T. €�The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events” . This includes stories of fairies and giants, for example. I don't know why I have waited so long to get back to her. "In one way or another all mythology contains descriptions of other species existing on the earth In various forms. So when a friend started extolling the great relevance and benefit of understanding the Enneagram (a process of grouping people into one of nine types, or 'tribes'), I decided to look deeper into this particular habit. Roles in businesses and organisations. I read one of the Seth books many years ago, The Nature of Personal Reality.

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