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Power System Harmonics ebook download

Power System Harmonics ebook download

Power System Harmonics by Jos Arrillaga, Neville R. Watson

Power System Harmonics

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Power System Harmonics Jos Arrillaga, Neville R. Watson ebook
Page: 412
Format: pdf
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0470851296, 9780470851296

Hae-Gwang Jeong , Gwang-Seob Kim and Kyo-Beum Lee*. The objective of the electric utility is to deliver sinusoidal voltage at fairly constant magnitude throughout their system. Second-Order Harmonic Reduction Technique for Photovoltaic Power Conditioning Systems Using a Proportional-Resonant Controller. Also the load itself must minimise its effect it has on power quality and the distribution system. Power system harmonics are a continuous state problem with dangerous results. There are two important concepts to bear in mind with regard to power system harmonics. Power quality now relates to short-term transients as well as continuous state distortions. This dissertation will examine measure and quantify the effects that electrical harmonics have on our power quality and on our distribution system. Harmonics can be present in current, voltage, or both. This objective is complicated by the fact that there are loads on the system that produce harmonic currents.

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