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Phase-Locked Loop Circuit Design epub

Phase-Locked Loop Circuit Design epub

Phase-Locked Loop Circuit Design. Dan H. Wolaver

Phase-Locked Loop Circuit Design

ISBN: 0136627439,9780136627432 | 266 pages | 7 Mb

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Phase-Locked Loop Circuit Design Dan H. Wolaver
Publisher: Prentice Hall

I'm wondering if it's worth trying to custom design something with a different loop filter, or if I should start looking around for other options. FM transmitter circuit uses PLL system for stable frequency. The phase-locked loop (PLL) is one of the key building blocks in many communication systems; providing a means for maintaining timing integrity and clock synchronization. I will first explain how a PLL works in general and then explain the design procedure I used for each block in the system. This post will detail the analysis and design of both a Type 1 and Type 2 PLL. In part by the high-frequency oscillator, high frequency amplifier and a phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer. A representative CMOS charge-pump circuit is shown in Fig. The PLL can be used in various 3.1) suitable for ASIC design consists of a series connected Voltage to Current Converter (V2CC) and a Current Controlled Oscillator (CCO). BH1417 – Stereo PLL Transmitter IC (Case SOP22) 1x 7.6MHz Crystal 1x MPSA13 – NPN Darlington Transistor 1x 2.5 Turns Variable Coil 1x MV2109 – Varicap Diode 1x 4-DIP Switch ANT – 30 cm of copper wire. So I'm trying to use one of Analog's evaluation board PLL circuits (ADF4350, here). The V2CC takes the control loop-filter and into the pump.

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