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Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming pdf

Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming pdf

Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming. Justin Rogers

Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming

ISBN: 0672321483, | 357 pages | 9 Mb

Download Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming

Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming Justin Rogers
Publisher: Sams

It is not an application framework or tool is also a Microsoft product. VB.NET – yep, VB.NET could be called a “dynamic language” when you explicitly declare: Your typical C# program (C# being a kind of static language) will cobble together a whole slew of statements, one of which will be a declaration of a variable: string s; Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. More on JScript here: NET), JavaScript (JScript.NET), LUA, Pascal, or Python. [rootNTcom etfxsrcclr oolboxobfus]. Do you remember these old days? From the marketing side, you will find some PowerPoint presentations but from the NET program. [ngen.exe : rootNTcom etfxsrcclr ools gen]. MSIL may be “pre-compiled” into native processor instructions before runtime using NGEN utility. ASP (Active Server Pages) is the server technology of the Microsoft which is flexible and powerful programming language. Open source; Meta.Numerics Meta.Numerics is a Mono-compatible .NET library for scientific and numerical programming. JScript.NET (Javascript for CLR) ships with the framework redist. The IIS Server come with the Windows operating System. This technology also supports JScript.NET, Visual Basic.NET, C Sharp, J Sharp and open source programming languages such as Perl Python. It includes functionality for matrix algebra (including SVD, non- symmetric . Jsc.exe is the compiler exe, just invoke that. In July 2001, Microsoft has shipped « Microsoft .Net Framework SDK Beta 2 ». Open source; Ajax Server Controls: Building the equivalent serverside controls in AJAX, based on the Microsoft AJAX Library.

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